ERREKE, a Spanish family brand, which began our journey in 2020. We are two generations working to advance together with you.

Today we sell our solutions in the main European countries and the US.

We are dedicated to designing and producing solutions for the home.

We are very motivated to offer high-value products at an affordable price, with a practical, reliable and long-lasting design.

We want, together with you, to replace the current model of planned obsolescence of products, which is not sustainable and causes various damages, returning to products that last a lifetime and to which most people have access.

We work with suppliers from various countries with whom we share values:

  • Take care of customers
  • Innovative products
  • Long life
  • Aesthetic sensitivity

We are sure that many of our products can be passed down from parents to children and will serve as a connecting link.

We want to offer cooking and home care lovers our solutions. We love natural wood, olive and teak, artisanal pastries, good food and home care.

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You can always count on us at support@erreke.com, where we will be happy to connect with you and support you with whatever you need.